Our Cats

      A good Exotic program uses Pure Persians in the lines to keep that nice flat face, tiny ears, and all the things we love about Persians.  Most of my breedings include an Exotic and a Persian.  Because of this, we have Exotic Long Hairs that will easly turn up in the litter.  These darling kittens are just as nice as Pure Persians, and can now be shown in the  Persian Class at CFA shows.

We are so very honored to have produced our very first National Win this season, as well as the tremendous honor of Breed Winner!  My busy family wants to thank our dear friend, Pam, of Ivy Cat Cattery, for her countless hours of work and travel making this win a possibility for us!  Thank you Pam and Rick!   What an incredible honor!  Best Exotic Shorthair in CFA!!  Way to go Jude!!   Jude will be fathering kittens for us in early fall of this year!

 GC, BW, NW Dandys Hey Jude of Ivy Cat

Katniss Everdeen, daughter of Jim Dandy, has now gone to a forever loving home.  We kept her daughter, "Bobby", who is pictured below.  Bobby is a beautiful patch tabby with white and we hope to breed her this summer for some very colorful babies!

CH, RW Penny Lane has now gone to a forever loving home.  She is living the life of luxury out in California with her new mommy!

 Steeplechase Halston "Holly" solid cream Pure Persian female with the sweetest personality ever

 Dandy's Eleanor Rigby is a beautiful Pure Persian tortie we kept from Dizzy and Tahiti's last litter.  When she comes of age we plan a wonderful breeding with Sunny.  Her eyes are huge and round and her top head perfect!

Let me introduce  Dandy's And I Love Her, "Tina", a female black and white we kept out of Black Magic Woman and Mr. Sandman.  We hope to breed her this late summer for Christmas babies!
Introducing Dandy's Love Me Do, "Bobby", a beautiful patch tabby with white we kept out of Katniss Everdeen and Hey Jude.  We hope to breed her late summer!

Ivy Cat Black Magic Woman of Dandys is now going to her forever home with her new mommy in a brand new house.  Have fun, Tuzi, you will be truly missed!

Softrax Mr. Sand Man,  Manny Pants, for short, is a beautiful Pure Persian male, high white with blue van.  We seldom use him as a stud as he is more of a pet, but he does produce our beautiful bi colors!

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